Be Free Farming Adventures

This blog is a collection of stories experienced mostly by Scott and vicariously portrayed by Jennifer through writing, with a few exceptions.

We (Scott, really) purchased this farm in January 2012, not knowing one tiny thing about owning or running a farm.  In fact, the only “farms” I have ever been on in my life were tourist destinations rather than working garden centers or animal habitats. I have yet to actually get on the tractor or operate the lift truck.  My two small children are way ahead of me in that arena already!

I hope you enjoy my sometimes comical, sometimes serious portrayal of the adventures we are experiencing as we learn how to “run” a proper farm.  Stick with us – you might just be surprised at what you read in these pages…

Enjoy the ride that is your life – you might find yourself one day trading in your BMW for a tractor – and liking it better.


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